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Question isonic127 sail NP and fins

Just ordered the isonic 127. Planning to use the board with 9.5 and 7.8 sail NP. (is the 9.5 to big for this board?....)
I'm 76kg experienced surfer but not a pro.

The 9.5m is for extreme light conditions where make the board planing is probably more important than the top performances. It's not clear to me which one of the two racing sail from NP (slalom or racing) can make me achieve the goal. I know it's not a NP forum but an help to ride my isonic better is very welcome.

Back to the fin/sail recommandation:
Planning to order R16 SLALOM Deboichet.
Can you recommend the best fins in my case for 9.5 and 7.8?

PS: still have a 46cm SL1 Deboichet from my last board in a very good condition. Do you think can be useful or cannot match the performance of the R16?

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