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Hi James,
First, a couple of bits of information that will help us determine which board and board size
to recommend:
1/ What is your weight? (stone/lbs/Kg)
2/ What is the wind strength where you will be using the board most often?
3/ What sort of boards have you been sailing thus far?
The GO Carve and Futura differ the most in weight and durability.
The GO boards are heavier and more durable.
The Carves and lighter in weight and ar emor of an all around board
with turning, carving and jibing being the main focus.
The Futuras are lighter in weight, have better top end speed and may
not be quite as easy to turn and carve as the Carve boards, The Futura
line is more lightly built for more advanced sailors and more performance.
Hope this helps,

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