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12.5 stone, various wind strengths, my nearest loction is a raised resevoir other wise it will be down on the coast, thus far I have been on a 225 ltr board. Hoping to make the jump to a 151, nearly bought a Go 155 last year. Therefore wondering whether I would be better with a Go 151 or a Carve 151, I have sailed dingy's a lot when I was a kid so understand the wind and I have never really had a problem getting back up wind, although obviously this is with a dagger board. I can tack and gybe fairly well and have done one beach start. My biggest problem is time on the water because of where I live and the fact that I have a young family so I want something that maximises the benefit from the time I do spend on the water and maximises my progression. My initial thinking was Go 151 but the introduction of the Carve 151 got me wondering.


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