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Default RE: prokids world championships

Hi, Glenbo

I can't really tell you anything about the competition, because i have never entered it(I'm not good enough). But i know that there are some sort of qualifiers and you can get to the main competition from there. I'm not saying that you cant get in directly... About the standard...the kids your age are really good, especially tose from bonaire (no offence to the other people from all over the world). There was already a thread about the tricks on this forum so i'd try finding that.

here is a link to the report from last years competition

Anyway, if you enter i'm sure you won't regread it , no matter what language you will speak or what tricks you will have to do or what are the parties going to be like, because you will have something to remember and something to look forward to for the next year, not to mention that you'll have something to tell to your grandchildren.

I hope that a prokid will send you a more usefull reply

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