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Wink Fin for Futura 111 and Turbo 7.5

Hi Remi,
I have inquired earlier about the right fin size/recommended fin for my 2010 Futura 111 Wood Carbon. I'll be sailing it with the Turbo 7.5. You asked whether my board was 2011 as it'd come with the Venom 40 fin, but it's not. So, currently, I have the stock fin, 38 Freeride Glide. Would that be a suitable match for the Turbo 7.5? Should I be going up a size to 40 or 42? I weigh about 163 lbs.

Not sure if I can find the Venom fins here in the US. Any experience with MFC fins?

I just don't want to jump the gun if the 38 stockfin would work as well, yet at the same time, I don't want to miss a day on the water with my Futura because I don't have the right fin size .

Thanks much,
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