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Hi Andi,
No, Deep Tuttle fins will no fit in the 111-125 liter boards.
The mostly have Standard Tuttle fin boxes.
But...... std. Tuttle fins will fit in your deep Tuttle fin box just fine.
You will need to find some longer fin screws (about 18-20 mm longer) .
There are no strength issues with std. Tuttle fins in deep Tuttle fn boxes,
and if you stay under 60 cm fin span, you probably won't be able to find
any Deep Tuttle fins. > 60 cm, there can be issues with std. Tuttle fins.
< 60 cm there really are no issues.
If you have any issues when fitting your new fins get back to me here and I
can walk you through how to correctly "fit" your new fins to your deep Tuttle
fin box.
Hope this helps,
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