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Hi Angusp,
If you tell us the serial number or the year model and size of your Starboard GO, there is a slight possibilty that they have a complete new EVA foam deck, all cut out and ready to glue on.
If so, you would simply need to scrape....sand your old EVA deck off the skin of the board, clean
the surface under the deck pad, and then apply the glue and position the new EVA.
The new deck pad would be available by special request from Starboard HQ in Thailand.
The EVA does degrade after a while in the sun. Best thing you can do is get good aluminized
board bags and keep your boards out of the intense UAE sunlight as much as possible.
The serial number could be gone if it was on the deck pad, but check up under the nose of the
board. quite a few GO and Start boards had the number stamped just behind the nose on the
bottom side.
Hope this helps,
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