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Ian Fox
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Default RE: Question to Ian and Remi on iSonic 145/155

Hi Paul,

The wind/power range in the 7-8 kt range really drops off significantly and you could have struggled more on the FT148 in that range than the F155. For the really light wind stuff the iS155 would be the better choice, but considering yor sail sizes/rider weight and overall wind range, the iS145 wil probably be the better (overall) choice - unless you spend a significant % of your sailing time on this board right at the bottom end of your range. You'll find the iS is more efficent for a given size (and model size) than the FT (FT having a softer rail, a bit less effective in marginal conditions) so factor that in to your comparisons as well. Also for a 75kg rider, the typical quiver gap from an 85Lt freestyle/wave to your iS is going to have a more practical overlap at iS145 than iS155 (getting a bit extreme).

Maybe Remi has even more to add as he's been doing a lot of test and development in /around marginal conditions planing.

Cheers ~ Ian
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