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Default RE: Board for wavesailing

Hi Jo.

OK. Rosneiger can be a realy chalenging venue. So somethink you must think about is what size waves are you realy going to go out in.

At your size the Evo 70 should be a good alround wave board but it will not like a 5.5m sail. But saying this For waves I would not expect you to be using anything bigger than 4.7m. The rig weight becomes an issue against your body weight when doing bottom turns and cutbacks.
Even the Evo 70 in force 6 is going to feel realy big if you are having to punch out through waves. This board can also feel realy small when you are not planning.

See if you can get a demo on the Evo?s. It does not have to be in the waves. Just to find out how early you can get planning on each size. As this could be the governing facter for which size you get. Going out at Rosneiger being able to plane with a small sail is the most important. As on the beach there is not so much wind but out the back you will be over powered.

When I have some feedback from Maria I will post you a new link.

If you have any technique questions please ask.

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