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Default RE: Anybody try the Apollo Yet?

Hi expander,
I understand that there could be some round off errors in fractions of cm.
But now let's compare official widths of 3 boards of different manufacturers (as mentioned above, Apollo has wrong numbers in webpage) against widths you calculated:
Board | official width cm | your width cm |
SB F160 | 81.1 | 81
F2 FxV | 83 | 79
E TF2007| 85 | 80.4

So what happens - officially SB F160 is with smallest width. But according your calculations it became widest. No rounding errors can explain this.
If you really calculated width from pictures (this is called re-engineering), than this is not good method - as far as I see pictures on manufacturers web sites are 'synthetic' and likely not precise enough. Or do you took pictures of boards you have physically available and made photos in the same environment?

P.S. I like what you did, just I simply want to know which board is widest O.F.O., which is longest, etc.
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