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Default i-sonic 137 and 117

Hi Remy, i'm wrtiting from Grada Lake.
I'm 95kg and 185cm
The last year I have used tre i-sonic 131-111-94 with the gastra vapor sails.
in the competion i have some problem with the marginale conditions so forn the 2011 i'm waiting the new 137 for the severne reflexII 9,3. I will try my old fins: 51 select elite 07,hurricane 49, select elite s10 47.
The last year with medium wind the 111 was for me too little (in 2009 i used an exocet 71 with 118liters) and this year 2011 i will take a 117 - 75 for the sverne reflex 7,8:
is the right choiche or is too close the 137??

Is possibile to use the slelect 41 or hurricane 38?

With the 94-2010 i will use the reflexII 7,0.
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