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Default R19 spinout on 160

As the 161 are not yet available on my country, we are sailing with the 160.

I bought the R19 soft +8 and began using on my board, but as I press a little bit more the rear leg in order to 'close the gap' and try to point more upwind, the fin tends to spinout, forcing me to lose some angle and speed. The interesting thing is that is less common to happen with the original Drake and with another R13 73 cut S+7 that I used before.

The question is? Is it because this fin will work only on the 161? I don??t think so but need to know. What about mast base? Where shoul I use it? Mostly I use it a little bit back from the middle. Is it ok for me that am 1,89 and weight 88 kgs?

I sail with NP 10.7, and Vapor 12.

Thanks for any help you guys can give me.
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