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Default isonic from 10 konts

I???m 42 years old and my weight is 73 kg. I???m interested to buy a board to get planing at 10 knots, but please not formula board. I???m thinking in slalom board (isonic) with a 9 m2 sail 2-3 cambers (no racing machine). What volume recommended me?

Now, I have two boards, one is a carve 121 litres (5,2-8.0m2) and the second one is a Kombat 96 litres (6,5-4,5 m2).

I usually sail on the sea Costabrava (Girona) Spain from light wind (12 knots) to medium wind ( 25 knots), and also on the lake of Leucate (sud of France) from medium wind (20 knots) to high wind (40 knots). My objective is to get planing a board from 10 knots to a 16 knots with one board to sail for fun not for competition.

My level is an intermediate-advance, I do water-start without problems, and I do jibes 80% well on the carve 121 and 50% well on the Kombat-96 ( I have 1 year only).

My sails that use are:
- For 12 Knots: 8m2 Gaastra GTX (2 cams) + carve 121
- For 14 Knots: 7.3m2 Naish Sprint (0 cams) + carve 121
- For 16 Knots: 6.6m2 Naish Sprint (0 cams) + carve 121
- For 20 Knots: 5.8m2 Naish Boxer + Kombat 96
- For 25 Knots: 5.0m2 Gaastra Manic + Kombat 96
- For 30 Knots: 4.2m2 Naish session + Kombat 96 (in the limit)
- For 40 Knots: 3.7m2 Naish session + Kombat 96 (over the limit)

Thanks for your help.
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