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Default RE: windsurf camp vacation

Hi Tony,
Ummmm.... with the windspeeds and the very shallow waters of Lac Bay,
I do not think you are going to find a Serenity there.
Too much wind, and definitely not enough water depth for the stock Serenity 70 cm fin.
I've found the Serenity to work quite well with smaller fins, and for situations like Lac Bay a small 36 cm weed fin seems to work pretty well.
As far as larger sails and formula boards, the same situation applies.
Normally there is more than enough wind to make an 8.5 m2 rig the largest necessary, and wide formula boards with 70 cm fins just won't work in Lac Bay.
So come on over to Bonaire and have a great vacation sailing 4.5-7.5 m2 rigs on 90-150 liter Carves and Isonics.
I'm probably taking my own gear this year and so far I'm planning to take 4.2-6.6 m2 Sailworks Huckers and 7.2-8.5 Sailworks NX SLM sails and the 101 liter Isonic with lots of small fins.
Hope this helps,

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