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Default RE: R19 spinout on 160

Hi Samuel,
First of all the R19 is a really good fin,my F161 points higher with this one than with every else one in my quiver.
In the beginning I have experienced the same spinout problem on F161 with the R19 S-- +8 but also with a very good Hurricane Fin that I??ve used with no problem before on F160.I think it is because of the wide F161 tail where the stance is more outwards and backwards so I put more power on the fin with the same amount of foot pressure compared to F160.
It got better with the masttrack far back,with 11.6 the base nearly covers the serial number,found out that with track more forward I simply overload the fin trying to unstick the board and let it fly.
But for me the key was to reduce the rake angle.
I have found out that for my personal style a +8 raked fin,this is 3 degrees back,is to powerful,always had 5 degree fins and felt fine.The+8 finpower comes very "explosives" to me and tends to spinout when pushed hard on the upwind leg.
In the meanwhile I have reached a rake of +6.5 and the drive of the fin is lot smoother,maybe I will loose some performance but now I??m able again to push the fin as hard as I want to.
I made the same experience with a R13 m +8 and R13 s-- 73 +8.
All the fins are raked now around +6,I??m feeling comfortable again having exactly the fin power I need with a lot less tendency to spinout.
If your sail is tuned the right way you just have to play around a little with masttrack and rake angle to find out what fits your personal style the best.
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