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Default RE: increase sales and promote sport

Hello "Guest here" ( the person who started this thread)

You can find a member list in the "Member List" link located just below the photos on the top of this (and every Forum) page, or at

Obviously a few pages involved, as the list is 2000+.

Cheers ~ Ian

Actually a good topic and discussion, certainly one that has often echoed around Taco Lake and other locations - even to the extent of us considering a (very low cost) "disposable" windsurfer package (think : foam board with, we weren't talking hi performance) that guys could pick up at a gas station (or CostCo / WalMart) on the way to the beach... Practical ? probably not, and certainly not without some negative aspects as well....which is one of the main reasons it hasn't eventuated, but it's all very good thought ! B)
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