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Originally Posted by dippa View Post
When I use my 101 in 20-25knt, with a 6.4 tushy lightning, I find it very difficult to keep it on the water.
The nose is always high, and its very skitty.
Is this a mast base position problem?
Is it a stance problem?
Is it a fin problem? (I use a 36cm vector that Jesper Orth used)
I'm 5'8" and weigh 80kg.
Any advice greatly appreciated.
Hi Dippa,

I have had simular problems with my Futura 93 together with Reflex 6.2 and 31 cm select speedfin. The board was flying, feeling very fast out of control, but in reality wasn't realy fast. Waterstate was flat (easy) and wind 6 Bft and gust 30-35 Kts. While the fin wasn't the problem in this case I focused on boom height and mast position. At the end with a remarkably low boom position (125-130 cm) and mast position ahead of the middle of the track the board became very balanced (lasted one hour to trim). feeling in control, still flying, but giving a lot of confidence and being very fast. In my case boot mast foot and boom height were very important to get a confident feeling and fin already was ok, not being limiting control of the set. Only a few cm's can make the difference between fun and disaster! Give it a try choosing different trim options, but at first take a fin which generates less lift (likely smaller)

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