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Default RE: New sail for my hypersonic 111

You might want to check out Hansen Sails at the following website.

The Freerace HCL line would be perfect for your needs, as you can elect to use 1, 2, or 3 cams; or even with no cams at all. The sail has been designed to effectively work in any of these modes (I actually prefer the no cam mode). Also, the Hansen Compliant Leech (HCL) technology is a brand new concept that has distinct performance advantages. You can read more about this sail and the HCL technology at this website address:

I should point out that Hansen Sails is just starting up as a company, so sails are going to be manufactured on pre-order basis. It's important to note that the sail designer, Bill Hansen, was the original founder and designer of Windwing Sails, so the relative newness of Hansen Sails as a company shouldn't be considered a downside. Bill Hansen is a very talented and innovative sail designer that has been actively designing and manufacturing windsurfing sails since 1982. Without a doubt, one of the most experienced guys in the business.

Lastly, I should emphasize that I'm not associated with Hansen Sails in any way. I'm simply a dedicated customer that really appreciates Bill Hansen's work. If you have any specific questions about the sails, you can post them on the Hansen Sails forum.

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