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Default RE: New sail for my hypersonic 111

For simplicity there is no doubting a good nocam is the way to go, and some of the examples mentioned here are benchmarks in that category, but to get the most from the HS you need a sail that is particularly draft stable (get the most from the wide performance range of HS) as well as very responsive to use of adjustable/variable outhaul (especially if you are looking at light to medium HS111 sail sizes and moreso if looking to replace 2 sails with 1 - and and thus squeezing the most from that 1).

That pretty much indicates cam sails, but still keeping it simple maybe more "freerace" or cammed freeride, rather than (the usually more complex) full race sails.

Choosing a sail that is slightly "gruntier", but then taking a slightly (half size or say 0.5m in that 8-9m range) smaller size also works very well with the "one sail/max HS range" combo ; the grunt obviously helping the lightwind/bottom end as well as getting the HS onto the plane easier, whilst the smaller area tends to keep the overall drag down and allow better top end. Usually "grunty" sails are ultimately a little less stable at top end, however agian taking a slightly smaller size both improves the stability (for a given type of sail) and also makes dealing with any instability (at speed/overpower) less of an issue than a larger version of the same type of sail.

There are plenty of good sails on the market to match this spec, and a lot of the modern freerace/cam freeride sails are quite simple to rig, very easy to use and durable. In combo with the HS, the results can be an exceptionally rangy, practical (one size) and versatile package.

Cheers ~ Ian
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