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Ian Fox
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Default RE: Another Isonic choosing problem

Hi Tanju,

Your practical options in this case are really the iS122 and 133, and in performance terms generally the 122 will be a good choice for your rider weight/conditions. But...

Making the optimal choice between these two really depends on which % of your time you will spend in each wind/sail range and also sailor style/technique/experience/energy ; riders prefering an "easy" style without too much rider input or active effort required usually prefer one size larger(iS133), whereas riders (of same size) with an "active" style often ideally prefer/choose the one size smaller (iS122) option, preferring to work a little harder at the bottom end of the boards range to get/maintain planing in exchange for a potentially faster, more responsive top end range. Both "styles" are valid, but identifying a rider's individual style/taste/preference, and then selectinging accordingly is an important part of getting the right size.

Both these iSonics have suprisingly better top end higher wind ranges than most would expect, and especially with a heavier rider to maintain trim in higher winds/chop, are not so difficult (or demanding) to sail into more challenging conditions c/w "normal" slalom boards of similar dimensions. iS122 has a particularly sweet jibe for a board of this size/nature, and that really helps make riding a "big" slalom board a much more fun and satisfying experience.

Cheers ~ Ian
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