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Default RE: New sail for my hypersonic 111

Guest c, I'm now on my second Hyper 111 ( changed from dram to wood) and use almost exclusively 8.5 sails on this board. I had a 2005 NP V8 first which was very difficult to rig downhaul wise but would get the board planning easily in 10knots. Now I have a NP RS6 8.4 which is excellent for the wind range you are after. I don't use a expensive X9 mast only the x6. This race sail having four cams is the easiest cammed sail I've ever had to rig. If you follow the video procedure and may sure you keep the down haul to 10 cm short the cams pop on with ease. It is a perfect sail for the hyper through to about 18 knts. I also have the NP MXT extention which makes downhauling by hand a breeze. Like Ian said adjustable will give it even more. I don't have it but thats next on the list. I'm sure that the RSS would be even better as it has the 2 or 3 cams you want and is tuned around x6 equipment. I'll get one of those next year. If the 2007 V8 rigs the same as the RS series they would be worth a look as well ( 2 cams). They probably rig a lot easier than the 2005 model. One thing about NP sails is they take about 5 good sails to stretch in. SO if you get one don't be dissapointed at the start. It will be stiff and hard to rotate at first, but by the tenth sail they are worth their weight in gold. Take the spacers out at the start then put them back as it stretchs and keep the luff tight. I have a friend who rides the exact kit on the same board and he also is very happy. We are just under 30kts with this kit and 48 cm fin. Hope these are available in Euro.
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