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Default RE: increase sales and promote sport

Hi Ian,

Although I get your drift, I would recommend shifting the paradigm a bit. The idea of a disposable windsurfer is truly off the mark, especially since a rig package must be robust and viable over a significant period of time. While we all realize that stuff gets broken in tougher conditions, the industry doesn't want to send a message that windsurfing stuff is funky or lightweight (a cheap product).

From my perspective, I would offer the optimum entry concept at a discount. One that targets off the street folks that don't necessarily focus on the mainline windsurfing retail market that's normally serviced by local shops or regional web providers. Really, something that the Costco type firms can leverage better than the specialized retail operations. This would be a full-up product rig coming out of the Cobra factory, and maybe augmented by Serverne products, that provides quality level components that don't necessarily target optimum weights and top flight performance. It's about giving folks the taste and vision, but still saying something about quality. That helps the brand overall. Like I implied earlier, Starboard can offer a suitable online site that promotes the sport and offers essential instructional and use information. Pretty simple really, and it encourages and facilitates the service side too. Attract folks with a bargain that's a real product in a venue or marketplace that's outside the expected focus. If windsurfing is interesting and worth the time, some folks will take the bait.

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