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Default RE: kombat 96 and 94

I assume you mean 2006 96 and 2007 97. The difference is mainly in the v configuration. Same general feel, but the new v makes the 2007 board a better turner, both in waves and on flat water.

I don't exactly know the reason for only one fin, but while the wave fin for the 06 boards was a great finwhan you used the board in waves, the pointy freeride fin was in my opinion a bit to big and stiff. So, you were left with two nice fins, but no one that was very all round for the board. The new fin suits the main character fo the board perfectly and will probably cover 80% of what the board can do. You are then free to complement it depending on what you ride. If you want to maxiise the big sail carryability and light wind freeride you can get a bigger fin and if you want to sail serious waves you can get a dedicated wave fin. But again, for what most people use the board for, the new Crossover fin alone will give you better sailing than any of the 06 fins.
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