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I would never say u b wrong - u da man !! when it comes to instructional windsurfing

i am a man of limited resources ie $$$$

if one can buy the good stuff to learn and then sell it is one thing
here the boards over 150 donut sell very quickly
formula boards just hang around on the market

thus, if one is a complete newbie - i always try to suggest lessons and is none available - beg, borrow, steal - just kidding of course, but suggest some practice b4 purchase

i still use my old longboard with a small 3.7 for teaching - after having applied some Chinook ReDek
it took me a while to figure out the smaller the sail and the lighter the wind the better for learning

so, although your logic is excellent, i always worry about resale
here we can rent boards from the local windsurf association
and that is what i suggest my "students" and family after a few instructional sessions with me

i guess my question is - how good of a longboard are the Start and RIO ??
perhaps i should give em a try before dicussing with the pro ? :-)

take care and may the winds be with you always
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