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Default starting up windsurfing interest ..again

Well after some deliberation and after years of just windsurfing for myself and just having fun for me , i am back onto the bandwagon of trying to protmote windsurfing locally.

why the long period of inactivity?? Well , after starting windsurfing in 1982 i have seen alot, promoted a club, club racing, raced and teaching and got burnt out . Not enought time not enough people to help. Critical mass never kept the momentum going, so me and my fellow conspirator just plain were worn out. We figured heck lets just sail.
but now we are back.

After speaking to a fellow sailor and ex head of the local kayaking community I think we want try again.
We deliberated at length and will try a different approach.

CREEDO: if we arent having fun and its isnt easy, dont do it .

So with that in mind we have come up with a plan. That wont burn us out and will give the sport exposure and we will have fun.

1. have a one a week night ( after work) we have a fun race, in the harbour around existing buoys.Why the harbour , well the local windsurfing venue is a conseration area and other then birdwatchers there is no exposure to people. Also we use existing navigation buoys in the harbour to race , changing the course to suit the wind direction.

2. we put up a billboard banner while we race to explain to passersby what we are doing and how to get involved.

3 barbecue and bevarges post race.

so we need some more ideas . One a board it shas to be
a. easy to aquire ie: second hand and available.
b. good for light and heavy airs
so ideas?? we are thinking old mistral one designs or prodigy's
thansk in advance.

jeff e Shredulato

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