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O.K. Kevin, let's have a little hypothetical fun.

Let's say you decide you have had enough of the PWA and work and decide to take a rootsy discover mainland America sabbatical for a year.(Remember...hypothetical here)

Your van can only hold 3 boards and 5 sails. You get to choose what every you want from the Starboard/Maui Sails production gear vaults. Size is not a limitation.

You start in your hometown L.A. and drive up the west coast. Then you have to head east and hit all the midwest lakes and then head south to Texas. Then you head over to the east coast and tour it from FL to MA.

Your goal is to only spend a few days in each spot, but to maximize your sailing time and fun factor. In other words, you HAVE TO SAIL in less than ideal conditions. No MX unless there is less than 10mph of wind. You can't just sail the hot spots.

What do you bring?? What sizes and why?

Happy New Year!
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