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hi guys, I'm back again... In the end I purchased a hypersonic 105 last year for US$200. not the right volume for me but it was basically free so it was an easy buy... But uphauling? Forget about it!

First off I had trouble getting my back foot in the straps without it catching the fast moving water and thereby splitting my torso from my crotch all the way up to my second rib. I shamefully confess my levels of perseverance were not enough to work through this challenge. However, yesterday all that changed...

I put a hole in my carve 121 last month and was too lazy to fix it, so yesterday it was unavailable. It looked like really strong wind so I chucked my little wave board on the trailer. I was about to also load my Carve 151 in case the wind was light, but I remembered the hypers can take big sails. So for some reason I loaded the hyper instead as my lightwind option.

I got to my site and the wind seemed much weaker than I predicted. I almost went home. The hyper then called my name: "pick me... pick me!" Alright you ugly freak, I'll give you one last chance. I rigged my 8.4m V8 and half heartedly got in the water. After the familiar crotch splitting result trying to get in the back straps I decided something must change... The breakthrough? I took my booties off. OMG the difference was amazing. I could stick my back foot in even before completing the waterstart and then yank the board with my feet to whatever angle and blast off to gloriously fast planing almost instantly.

Yes it took the 8.4m with ease. Yes it ignored the lulls. Yes it handled chop like it was on an aircushion. I know my carve 121 so well that I bet I would have spent 30% of yesterday slogging if I was on it instead. The carve 151 would have been planing easy enough but just too big to really have an exciting ride.

So, in my opinion, the Hypersonic 105 is awesome.

I must admit though it never really went ballistic, speed wise. Maybe it is the shitty old fin I have fitted, or maybe the V8 has no top end... I will experiment and see what scary speeds I can wring out of the old girl...

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