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Hi Madsurfer,
Sean has it right!
The holes cast in the footstrap inserts are very tight on the new 7mm dia. PT (Plastics Technology) screws.
Here are some tips:
1/ Put bar soap (bath tub bar) on the screws before you try to screw them in. The soap serves as a lubricant!
2/ Take one of the screws and install it (without the footstap) in all of the holes/FS plugs you intend to use!
This will "pre-thread" the inserts to the correct diameter and cut some threads (like a tap would) in the insert so when you install the screws through the footstrap/washers/K9-locks there will already be some good threads near the top of the insert so the new screws (lubed with soap) will start easily.
3/ Buy a high quaility heat treated tip #3 Phillips Screwdriver. Anything but the correct tool will simply damage the Phillips drive recesss/angles in the top of your new screws!
4/ Take 2 pair of vice grips (or a common "C" clamp or 2) and compress the K9-lock pins (the sharp points
side) up into the webbing of the footstrap. Better still, take the whole "stack up" (footstrap/K9-lock/tooth washers/flat washers) and compress them all together so the screw (now 32 mm long vs 28 mm for the older 6mm x 28 mm PT FS screws) sticks out far enough so it can really get started in your "pre-threaded" holes.
Another way to accomplish this is to get several 6mm x1.0 bolts/cap screws about 40 mm long and some 6mm flat washers and 6mm x 1.0 nuts. Stack up all the FS components (washer/toothwasher/footstrap webbing/K9-lok
and put a washer on the outside of the K9Lok. Tighten the nut to compress everything together and sink the K9lok points into the webbing.
5/ Do NOT use any sort of power driver as this will overheat the screw and damage the insert!!!!!
6/ When you have the footstrap webbing/K9-lok/washers and the new FS screw (lubed with soap) all assembled, use the correct #3 Phillips tip screwdriver and tighten the screws.
Take you new board out and sail it for a short session!
Retighten all the footstrap screws.
I know, all this is a bit of a PITA from using the old 6mm PT screws, but a little time and effort spent getting this right will mean you will probably never have any issues down the road with your footstraps on the new board.
Cut corners here, do it too fast with a power tool, fail to pre thread the inserts and lube the screws, and you almost for sure will be having the FS inserts replaced at some point because one or more of the screws stripped out.
Hope this helps,

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