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Hi again Madsurfer,
Glad to hear that you got all the screws started.
I see another potential issue in your photo.
The difference in thickness of the "fish scale' pad where it changes from the lower
black to the higher white could be a real problem to get the K9-Lok to sit flat when
you tighten the FS screw down on top of the footstrap/K9-Lok and washer on the
plate on the top of the footstrap.
I would suggest taking a small exacto knife and cutting clearance for the K9-Lok
plate diameter in the white fish scale where it significantly higher that the black.
(This would only be the forward outboard hole on each side of your board).
If there are other "differences in elevation" where the K9-Lok plate diameter
is going to land, do what you can to even the fish scale out so the lock plate
comes down flat (not at some crazy angle that will put alot of shear load on the
7 mm PT FS screw.
Enjoy your new board, sorry that you had these difficulties!
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