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Hi All,
As per a private email to Carlos the mould/jig was to translate the position of the original holes perfectly. Alternatively, the holes could be marked out carefully and drilled using a drill press to stop the drill
"wandering" off centre.

X9 Tail Tube Sizing:
I have a 180 and 200 X9 also and checked the lengths of the large diameter end of the boom(that sleeves the tail) and found the 180 & 200 are from the same tooling and the 225 & 260 are from the same tooling( as far as the start of the larger diameter tail goes). Or to put it another way the 200 has about 80cm of tail tube( and can be cut down to the 180) and the 260 has 100cm (and can be cut down to 225). I ended up cutting a 260 down to 230 to allow for a range of adjustment on a 9.5.
Regards, Tim.
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