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Default Problem with new overdrive 2011 8.5

I bought a new severne overdrive 8.5 2011
I am surprised and disappointed that my mast severne red line 4.9 (2006 I think) doesn't fit properly the sail.
The 3 cambers don't turn at all !
and one camber is just on metallic red part of the mast!
Without any spacers it's just better but not good.
Itís very hard to apply full downhaul tension (10 cm of extention).
What's wrong ? perhaps Severne change diameters and bend of his new red masts.
Any tips or I must change mast ?
Thank you.

Ps: I tried to post this mail to Severne but It 'seem's impossible to post a mail in the severne website.
I had this message : "We're sorry your message cannot be sent through at this morment, please try again later or contact Severne Team"
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