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Post @ Peter Hart: toughening up hands

Hi Peter,

On you wrote a travel tip for toughening up your hands, suggesting the use of surgical spirit. I'm preparing for the windsurfing trip of a life time, and I'd like to start preparing early.

First, I tried the consumer variant of hand spirits (gelly consistency), designet to remove bacteria and viruses. It doesn't work because it contains glycerol, which is put in there to soften the hands. So it defeats the purpose.

Then I went to the pharmacy and asked for surgical spirit, and the best they could give me was table sanitizer containing 75% ethanol (thin like water). No glycerol. I'm not sure if its strong enough, as my hands didn't seem to get any dryer...

So I guess what I'm wondering is the specs of the "surgical spirit" you recommend

Best regards,
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