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Talking Serenity on the water!

First time on the water! After all these months waiting.
Astonishing, I coudn't believe to run that way with what? 4-5 knots???
The sensation is so similar to planning that I started pushing with my heels to turn upwind, but I turned on the other side (it's logical anyway).
Immediate great feeling with lower wind, something to learn wen wind sligtly picked up in the evening, as I feel the board ask to be railed up, but I've to understand the way to do it, now board turns upwind trying to do it; but I have to say that here, because of shallow waters, I had and I'll always have to use seaweed fins here, now 40/56.
Sometimes you think you're not travelling faster than your wideboard, then you look around and realize that there is less than half the wind for planing with it!!!!
The technical character of the board is not a limitation, is an even more pleasure riding it, as easy board usually mean boring board, I had this feeling testing some wide freeride in the past. But it doesn't mean absolutely a difficult board, and I'm 90 kg and 43...
First impression: a must-have-board, no matter for the lenght!
More impressions from next sailing days.

P.s. I've taken some few photos with an old cellphone, next time I'll do better with a waterproof camera.

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