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Second day, same place, about 2 miles south-east of Venice Airport.
Wind south-southeast, 5-7 knots but with some gusts up to 10 or more.
So I decided to carry on the boat also another "normal" board, a famous wide freeride of about 2003-2004, not a Starboard, wide but still with some lenght, 270, light carbon version.
So when I've started seeing the wind increasing a little I switched from Serenity to the wide board, to have a comparative test. Wind unfortunately was not enough for planing even pumping a lot in the few decent gusts.
Result: difference in speed, handling, enjoying was simply DEVASTATING!!!!!
Under planing threshold being over a classic wide freeride after sailing the Serenity is like stepping out from a sport car and starting driving a Trabant!!! Not to say about the upwind performance, reaching my boat anchored upwind was easy with Serenity, very difficult with the wideboard.
I really have to say that the lenght of the Serenity it's a FALSE problem, on the water it seems a lot more lively than a board being not far from half long.
The result is that for first time in years I've done two windsurf sessions in 4 days, but I could have done REAL and EXCITING sport windsurf almost everyday!
Up to know this is the first board I can strongly suggest to every windsurfer not so lucky to live in a very windy place! For us the Serenity changes the sport from "a talk a lot-do a little" sport to a sport you can make almost when you want!

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