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Default The right sail

I've currently had a 6.0 07 Severne NCX with my 130 Starboard go for a few years now. I managed to rip my sail pretty good and I'm looking into getting a new one. I'm on a lake in Canada where the wind is never really constant and is very on and off even on 50 km/h+ days.

Im looking into getting a Severne Turbo 7.0

Also if i were to get this sail, I have a 430 FIBERSPAR REFLEX 4200 QT 55% CARBON mast, would it be okay just to get a larger mast extension instead of getting a whole new mast? I'm trying to save as much money as possible but still get the most overall performance. Am I making a mistake by not getting the recommended mast Redline 460?

Thanks for the help i know i got a few questions in there hope you can answer then the best possible


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