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Hi Myles,
Sorry, your Fiberspar 430 QT (Quick Tip) 55% 430 cm mast has at least 2 things that make it unsuitable for
use in a Severne 7.0-7.5 m2 sail.
1/ The IMCS of your mast is most likely IMCS 21-23.
2/ Your mast is a QT (Quick Tip) which means it's almost a "flex top" mast.
Neither of these factors will make your new or used 7.0-7.5 m2 sail rig very well.
To get the most from any sail, you need to get a mast with the IMCS characteristics the
sail was designed on/for.
You do not have that with your Fiberspar 430.
At 55% you Fiberspar is probably quite heavy for a 430 cm mast.
Look for a 460 IMCS mast with at least 75-80% carbon content.
The Severne recommended "best mast" (Redline 460) will be significantly lighter and
your new sail will rig correctly on this mast, giving you the best value and performance from
both the mast and the sail.
If the Redline 460 mast is too expensive, look for a good used Powerex 460/Sailworks Speedstick
or Joystick 460. These masts will be the same or very nearly as good as the Severne Redline 460 and
all have the correct IMCS (25), bend characteristics (constant curve), and => 75% carbon content.
Hope this helps,

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