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Something about the fins. Spot is with water from shallow to super shallow, so since the first moment I've used my two tuttle seaweed fins, a progressive raked Tzone 40-56 (40 cm deep) and a special Select Delta Weed XXL, "pan" shaped to get the most surface to low depht ratio, pheraphs more than 50 degrees raked.
Feeling was so good with Serenity board that I could not find something better or worster in one of the two fins about pure performance; only time will tell, with a longer time surfing on my sailing gondola.
The only obvious difference is that the minor rake on the tip area of the Tzone and the 40 cm depht caused sometime obvious scratching on the muddy-sandy seabed. When I switched to the ultraraked funny Select, 27,5 deep (!) even if made for 8,5-10 sqm sails, sailing became so funny because some time seemed to be an hovercraft running on a thin layer of water...
Also in this the Serenity gives some advantages, as reaching the shallowest water areas is very progressive; the day after planing with the widebody freeride was very critical as when I've "braked" touching the seabed and so stopping, then I have had to walk back a long before finding enouugh room for the (seaweed) fin.
Not to say that I've already fitted my board with a homemade hard rubber washer under the front (not original) screw of the fin, to avoid stress to the finbox when sctatching the ground (and so the two tuttle screws are similar in lenght and interchangeable), that both the screws have reduced diameter sections for breackage in case of hard impact, and are silycon coated to reduce wear of board holes and to always stay in place even with the board stored upside down and without the box cap...
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