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thanks for the comments
there will be no sugar daddy unfortunately..not yet
but as to racing , its not the racing aspect i want to promote its just setting an easy course and yes a small course would be better , with the idea that passsersby see people out sailing, and may be interested.
This is taking place in an area where there are alot of onlookers, that is key issue here.
the area is at a marina where keelboats and dingies are sailed there are dailiy concerts and kids activities sprread over a wide area bordering the lake, and quite a few people walk around.
the local windsurfing spot is not very well visited.
I know a girl who teaches dingy sailing at this area for the yacht cluib but , who also races lightinings, a class of dingy (in another separate group politically.) they the dingy sailors are a pretty gregarious group and i am hoping that i can make some type of collaboration with them.
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