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About fins: not yet, I wait for a chance to try the Serenity outside the Lagoon into the sea. especially about the Drake 70. Inside the lagoon I should choose some deep water spot, but this don't match easily with places were I do my rigging standing in shallow water. My traditional venetian boat (sampierota or sampierotta) has small engine and is slow, so long time to reach the sea, even if the small engine is allowed by law to go everyvwere in the lagoon.
Abou the plastic 40, I don't think I can get more performance than a G10 weed 40/56, but I'll try in the future. In my limited experience narrow boards show less loss of performance using seaweed fins than wider ones (in fact I have more problems about planing with a PB Fanatic 34/48 over my actual widebody freeride than my old Mistral Echo 298).
For videos: I've already (home-)made a tripod-screw-to-m8 converter to fix my new waterproof Rollei X8 camera at front the end of the mast track, but then i've found that the audio of camera was broken, and I've given back the camera to the shop - So please wait some more time.
Niccolò, using two times the Serenity doesn't allow me to fully judge it, but as far as I can see now, the Serenity is not a simple improvement, is a radical choice that can open windsurf again to a lot of people. Don't have fear about its lenght, let's remember that our fathers loved original windsurfing even if with 4,5 mt long and slow boards with 25 or more kg of weight, one-piece mast, one piece booms.
But now sportsmen want performance devices, and imho Serenity is one of the few still portable devices that can give a real performance in wind lower (oh yes) than the minimum for kiting, the sport that has been stealing much appeal from windsurfing in these days between young people... An also: SUP has a greater and greater appeal even if requires long and wide boards to carry, this because is a sport you can do everywhere, so why not believe in a board that can allow to do windsurfing almost everywhere in the most easy to find sea conditions, with only one mast and one sail?

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