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Default 4.0m wave board

Hey guys,

Please suggest! I'm 83kg and a good sailor, doing loops etc..

I have an 2006 Acid 80 and an 2004 Evo 74. I love the Acid 80 for its speed and useability, but it has too much volume for 4.0m weather. The Evo then I feel is too wide for 4.0m weather.

My sailing is done in cross on waves mostly. I'm looking for a smaller board that can work with the 3.5-4.7m size sail in mind. Maybe Acid 74, but maybe too close to Acid 80 (4.7-5.8m). Evo 70, but I fear it'll too be too close to my current Evo.

I had the same problem in the Gorge this summer - used an Evo 83 with a 4.0 and hated it, but swapped to a Mistral synchro 70 (i think thats what it was) and it worked a treat!

Any help appreciated!


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