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Lowest wind day up to now with the Serenity, last Sunday.
I wanted to try to ride almost the impossible, portable windmeter at its best showed 3-4 knots, but wind was even slowly decresing if possible to 2-3. Some gust sometime. When rigging this time I was feeling a little mad, neither in the most unlucky august days I tried to rig with the wind you can only feel moving the face on one side...
In my opinion Serenity does have a lower wind limit, because the board is so gliding that you dare to use it even with unreal situations, but in these times board becames really technical, is very easy to fall when some gust arrives, or when you find a real total hole of wind. But even slowly but Serenity incredibly still goes on, and a little gust became a sudden acceleration.
Totally different is the way of riding when a wave comes at 45' degrees from stern or bow, from our nasty water traffic jam, the poorest the wind the more the long board reacts taking his own direction. So different, so facinating.
Boys.... In the first time since years thanks to the Serenity april ended up with 7 days on the water, not far than 2 days a week, when in all 2010 season I had 13 windsurfing days. So I've happily given up to go in the gym for fitness and then I've saved 60-70 euro (80-90 usd) each month. I've scored the best april in my windsurfing life, with 4 planing days and 3 Serenity-days, and except from the last one they were all full of action. I've saved a lot of stress compared to last years, when loosing a good wind days in Venice used to gave me a very bad feeling, thinking at how less they are in a season. Now I feel I have a lot more opporunities.
If storing and/or carrying a long fascinating sailing gondola is not a big problem for you, don't think twice, go for it....

P.S.: imho don't think that K15 sup could be the same. never tried it but imho is more easy to "sup" a narrow Serenity in mirror glassy water (I'll try), than have a real performing windsurfing on a K15...

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