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Default RE: Replacing a 105L Hyper

Thanks for the input Geoff. It's nice to hear from someone that sails up North near me (I'm in Ottawa). What you said is very true for the average sailor in our local conditions. However, I'm not looking for the average quiver. I'm more oriented towards high powered speed sailing when I'm out on the 7.6 and 6.6, so I'm definitely not going to get a board over 101L. My goal isn't to be able to plane in the least amount of wind possible. You're correct when you say a three board quiver would be much more ideal, but as I'm sure you know, it's not financially logical, especially when, with a bit of compromise, you can do it with 2.

Another point I must make is that my 6.6 sail is a 2007 KA Koncept. With that and a good slalom board I can sail in up to 25knots, or more. So when I make the switch from my larger board to my smaller board it'll be to a 5.3 and only when the waves/swell get good for wave/swell sailing. So I personally don't think I need a small board that's big enough to take a 6.0.

So I guess I've sort of answered my own question through these posts, with help from geo and steveC. Now I just have to make the choice between the iS94 and the iS101.
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