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HI Roger,
The Kode 113 is the 2011 with Black drake Straps. Everything That came with it is being used. The straps are fitted and after two uses I decided the new drake strap just aren't for me. They twist off and are too spongy (ie, moving around in hectic conditions, I have tried to tighten them with Tiki tool etc.).

I have had two Kode 112's prior to this one and was very happy with the straps. I secretly wish I could get the old straps instead. That isn't going to happen.

I pulled some straps out of another board to try them but never fitted then as the thread and bolts were smaller.
The plugs would be sized to the larger bolts now. ( smaller might pull out).
I also wasn't game to use the bigger bolts due to the lower position of other straps. I have Dakine, Neil Pryde and JP straps to try and they all sit a lot lower.
Hence the concern about the bolt going down to far.
PS I thought about drilling little holes in the under side of the strap so the 4 K9 spikes will sink in and hold it still?
IT seems the reinforces doesn't allow the spikes to take hold.
I haven't had the twisting strap syndrome since the early 90's.
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