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Hi Ulf,
A better way to "sink" the canine teeth of the K9 anti-twist locks into the webbing on the bottom of your
straps is to get a 6mm allen bolt or hex head bolt and a nut.
Get a couple of thick flat washers and a couple of large diameter fender washers.
Figure out there you want to sink the K9 teeth into the strap (the angle to the strap center line, and then
put the bolt with a small and large washer on each side. Then tighten the nut on the other side.
This will sink the K9 spikes into the webbing of the strap and compress everything quite snugly.
Then remove the bolt and install the strap on your board.
Be sure to use the soap as a lubricant.
You will tear up the drive recess in your 7mm screws and damage the Tiki tool as well.
I use a high end #3 Phillips screwdriver to work with the 7mm PT screws.
They did not change the diameter of the pilot hole when they upgraded to the 7mm screws, so they are very tight in the holes the first couple of times you screw them in.
The "stackup" of the tooth washer, foostrap, and K9 anti twist will hold the screw head at the right level to prevent the screw bottoming out in the insert, so if you use a thinner strap/smaller stackup distance you will need to cut the 7mm screws shorter.
Hope this helps,
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