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Default RE: Replacing a 105L Hyper


please take note that I am strongly biased towards the fast efficient ride of narrower boards with smallish fins.
That said, it seems the trade off is between having an iS 94, that will SURELY work very nicely with a 7.6 and be perfect or almost so in fully powered 6.6 weather; and having an iS 101, that will handle the 7.6 even better and SURELY be faster and more competitive in marginal conditions... but, will it work AT ALL with a fully powered 6.6, 25 knots or more, for a 150 lbs. sailor? I guess it would for AA or for Ian, but both are more likely 200 lbs..

Some help from people who have experience of both HS and wide iS would be helpful here. From my experience of HS 105 and 111, they needed a fully committed ride, but that way they were able to swallow chop, literally; but my guess is that an iS 101 would be comparatively much more bouncy in big winds and chop.
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