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Default RE: starting up windsurfing interest ..again

We've been racing twilights for 25 years or more. Current fleet most weeks, 20-30 or more in the main event, plus kids (5-10 under 15) and beginners (2-5).

We tried the hybrids; not very exciting in the light winds you get most evenings. Longboards work well and with the Exocet Kona leading the way there's now a whole bunch to select from. As Guest says, the old IMCOs and Pan Ams etc are still good options; damn fast and under-rated by many sailors.

It's great fun. Plenty of people in the group came in from shortboards and now concentrate on longboards, because racing with your mates and then having wine and pizza afterwards is a brilliant way to spend an evening, and taking a longboard upwind is a beautiful feeling.
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