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Default Freeridespeed for higher winds

Hi team,

Currently I have two futura's, 93 and 111. I surf these boards with reflex I 6.2, 7.0 and 7.8. They work great between 14 - 35 Kts. Recently I bought a reflex 5.6 from Peter van Dijk for 25 - 40 Kts use. Although the windrange of the Futura 93 is huge in stronger winds, it is remarkable that this is the smallest Futura. My weight is 190 lbs and the boards gets planing with my 6.2 with about 17-18 kts. For smaller persons and bigger sails the board planes even earlier. A smaller Futura ( 75 ltr, ofo 36 cm) would defnitely add some extra fun, control and maybe speed for lightweights in mid/strong winds and heavy weights in strong winds.

- Why is there no smaller Futura(like) board on the market?
- Can starboard give an alternative for recreative speeding in strong winds (25-40 Kts) on flat water with the same easyness the Futura range gives?

Thanks in advance, Hans
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