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Originally Posted by hans kleingeld View Post
A smaller Futura ( 75 ltr, ofo 36 cm) would defnitely add some extra fun, control and maybe speed for lightweights in mid/strong winds and heavy weights in strong winds.

- Why is there no smaller Futura(like) board on the market?
- Can starboard give an alternative for recreative speeding in strong winds (25-40 Kts) on flat water with the same easyness the Futura range gives?

Thanks in advance, Hans
I am 72Kg and I agree that a smaller Futura might have its uses. The Futura 93 is close to 62cm wide, and maybe something less wide would be nice. However the rational for not having a smaller Futura might be that recreational medium/light weights switch to a Kode (80 or 86) when using sails smaller than 6.0. And if a recreational sailor is willing enough to use a race sail in powered up 6.0 or less, he/she might as well get an Isonic 80, that is probably as easy to sail as anything out there ...

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