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Del Carpenter
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There were two Start models in 2003, a Start Small 255 cm long 180 ltrs 100 cm wide, and a Start Large 265 cm long 210 ltrs 110 cm wide (details taken from 2003 catalog).

The 2001 Start had a thick, white, half-moon, short Tuttle box centerboard (I have the 2001). The next "centerboard" change was to a thinner, black, deep Tuttle box centerboard with about the same depth but was longer front to back, extended further toward the stern. I think that change occurred in 2002. The 2003 Start had a 22 cm oblong, deep Tuttle centerboard. The next "centerboard" change was use of the "clipperbox" retractable daggerboard. I think that change occurred in 2004, but that is only a guess.
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