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Thanks for brainstorming;-)

Starboard has a lot of small boards (70-85 ltr) but these are wave, freewave, freestyle and freemoveboards). And even the freemove in the smaller sizes (kode) are focused on waving including US-box. This not really has much to do with speedsurfing at 20-40 Kts on flat water to light chop I guess.

A small Futura board with 75-80 ltrs would be nice, maybe even more for these smaller surfers (60-70 kg) than the heavy weights (85-100 kg)who can handle the futura 93 very well.

Maybe in my case (90 kg) a smaller board won't add range of use when a Futura 93 doesn't work anymore with a reflex 5.6. Maybe getting out of your sweetspot with this combi, means getting out of the sweetspot with every board-reflex 5.6 combination? Or in other words, the easyness of a Futura 93 already adds so much windrange that when you are blowing from the water with your equipment, solution is walk back and relax on the beach. ..... Or can a Futura 78 add extra fun in 6-7 Bft their a potential to sell a board like this for starboard??

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